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MAY 12, 2016
Guardian Angels or Your Higher Self

Intense white light… I’m laying down, on my back, immersed into a trans/meditative state. Sensing lots of pressure-like tingling energy in the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. These sensations are very new to me. I have just recently begun to meditate and cannot quite believe the tactile sensations and visuals that come with the state of meditative calmness.

The white light grows and brings on a frequency of contentment and total acceptance. I feel like crying – an overwhelming feeling of wholeness, oneness and unconditional love surround me. I’ve come home. Tantalizing rays of light encompass my whole body, I’m weightless and not quite a human anymore. I’m a bright shining ball of light, energy, frequency.

In the middle of the blinding and yet beautiful light, a shadow-like figure appears in front of me – is that an angel? I receive guidance on questions I have, I feel a sense of belonging. Deep sense of connection and gratitude. Alignment. Trust. Sense of purpose.


I open my eyes. I lay motionless for what seems like eternity. I’m stunned. These feelings are so new to me that I’m astonished by what I’ve just seen, felt and witnessed. Was that a fantasy? A dream? Pigment of my wild imagination?

That was my first experience of achieving the deep state of oneness and meeting my Guardian angel.

Years later, having graduated from the world’s leading healing school and having read dozens of books on spirituality and personal growth, I now understand and trust these experiences.

According to many spiritual teachings, a guardian angel is a part of our whole being that “oversees” us while we’re going through our incarnational tasks on earth. It’s the part of us that guides us when we’re open to receive the guidance. The part that hasn’t forgotten who we truly are. The part of our being that knows and is aligned to help us achieve our life task here on earth.

Having a strong connection with one’s Guardian Angel (at times there are several) is very beneficial for us.

  • Getting our questions answered when we feel stuck…
  • Understanding our higher purpose and life task
  • Feeling supported and led when afraid or lost

All of the above and more are some benefits of being in contact with our Higher Selves. Below are a few ways of getting in touch with Guardian Angels that work best for me.

Most of the guidance is usually received in a Theta brain wave state. Below are a few facts about various brain states that you may find useful.

  • Beta
    This is the state of full alertness and complete concentration, best cognition.
    Beta brain waves range between 13-40 Hz

  • Alpha
    More relaxed state that fosters creativity and a sense of well-being.
    Alpha waves range between 7-12 HZ

  • Theta
    State of meditative awareness, heightened receptivity – right on the threshold of the subconscious. Staying in this meditative state increases extrasensory perception, awakens intuition and heightens creativity.
    Frequencies range between 4-7 HZ

  • Delta
    Slowest brain wave that is associated with deep sleep and regeneration.
    Waves range between 0-4 HZ

We can achieve the mysterious meditative Theta state by various means – breathing/relaxing, chanting, dancing, walking, painting… Listed next are a few techniques that I prefer to use to get in touch with my Higher Self.
Find a quiet place and sit or lay down with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths and settle into your body. Feel the sensations, notice emotions/thoughts that are running through you. Try not to get attached to any of these, just observe and let them pass as clouds in the sky and return to your breath.

When you feel that your mind has quieted enough, pose a question you need answered. Set an intention on receiving an honest answer. Ask for help from your Guardian Angel and open your eyes.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write the question on the piece of paper. Once you’ve done that, continue writing anything that comes to mind. Set all of the judgements aside and without turning on your analytical mind just write down all of the words that you receive. Trust the process. Phrases may not make any sense. Write them anyway. Receive. Record. Once you feel that the information packet has been completely recorded, take a break, thank yourself and the guide. Read a few hours later.

Follow the same format of quieting down your mind as in the technique above. Once you feel sufficiently relaxed and in a trans-like state (Theta state between being asleep and awake), set the intention to receive guidance. Pose a question.

Visualize a situation on your mind screen. For example, if your question is relationship-related, you can visualize yourself and the person you have questions about in front of you. Place them on an imaginary stage and witness their interaction. Don’t try to control visuals, but observe. Quite soon the avatars come to life and start revealing deeper relational dynamics that you’ve come to learn.

Around 15 years ago, when I first embarked on my soul-searching journey and started reading lots of Personal Growth literature and practice meditation, a strange phenomenon happened to me for the very first time…

I vividly remember the day when I was feeling particularly down and lonely. I decided to bring my mood up by exercising and went to my condo’s gym to run on a treadmill. While running, I glanced on the display to note the start time as well as to monitor the burning calorie calculations.

All of the sudden I started noticing repetitive number sequences such as 11:11, 555, 888 and so on jumping at me every time I looked.

At first I tried ignoring them, but they increasingly have become more and more noticeable calling for my attention from the treadmill display. I tried taking breaks and focusing on the outdoor scenery outside a window only to glance back and see a similar digital pattern appear as though someone was playing a game with me. Numbers started appearing in similar sequences everywhere I looked – monitor screens, watches, outdoor displays, car licence plates. I thought I was going insane.

I researched this phenomenon and realized that I was not the only one seeing these playful signs. A lot has been said about numbers 11:11, some people refer to these as an “Awakening code”. I like to think of these loving signs as peaks of highest receptive awareness…

Whenever I see a sequence similar to 11:11 or any other repeatedly used numbers, I now take these as a sign to pay attention to the moment. To listen and get still. When I focus, I feel as though I enter a vortex of energy, a wave which connects me to my Higher Self. Usually a word or a phrase appear in my mind, sometimes it’s a symbolic visual representation that I perceive and a download of an integrated concept.

Whichever form they come in, the messages are usually profound and very much timely. Often the sequences serve as a pat in the back if I am facing a particularly difficult situation and need support. Sometimes they point me to the significance of the moment or meeting someone special. I hope the above article helps to shed some light on the mystery of Guardian Angels and ways of getting in touch with them. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about your connection with the Higher Self.

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ZhenyaEvguenia Cheinis is an Energy Therapy Practitioner who graduated from the World's Premier Hands-on healing program.

With 4 years of extensive healing training and experience, avid interest in spirituality, human relationships, psychology and sexuality Evguenia is passionate about helping others live happy and essence-filled lives.