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MARCH 9, 2016
Managing Difficult Emotions.

… Pain. This familiar intense feeling of burning usually starts just below my navel, radiating up through my chest… 


Creating a excruciating pressing sensation between my breasts and moving up towards the throat. This energy – wanting to come out as a scream, a cry…


Tears appearing and pouring out of my eyes. And another wave – covering me head to toe…


I have been blessed not to experience much of a physical pain in this lifetime, the emotional one, however, is quite familiar
to me…


If painful emotions are part of your life, please read on as I’m going to outline a few ways of dealing with them that work well for me.

Naming the emotions is an important part of understanding of what is happening to you

“Flying Birds technique”

  • Imagine as though your emotions are birds flying around in a large open space
  • It’s important to recognize that you are not your emotions
  • The true you are the observer, the space, the sacred container in which the birds are flying
  • Once you stop attaching yourself to the emotions and just witness them from a side – the pain becomes a lot more manageable to handle
  • Name the emotions and recognize all of the birds without judging them to be good or bad
  • Once you give each of them your proper attention – they may start expressing themselves and eventually quiet down

“Inner Child technique”

  • Notice if you could give a voice to the feelings you’re experiencing
  • Can you sense/feel or see who is the person/child that is communicating to you?
  • What is it that she needs from you, the adult?
  • Have a conversation, listen, receive


  • Accept that this is what you’re feeling right now
  • If you start judging yourself for having the emotions – it’s only going to add an extra layer of negativity on top of what you’re already feeling
  • Accept that the situation that is causing you stress is what
    it is

  • Allow the feelings to move through you as waves
  • There’s no stopping the emotion – once the charge has accumulated inside of you, it needs to come out
  • The less resistance you put up against experiencing it, the less painful the movement is
  • All emotions eventually pass, keep this in mind whenever an extra strong wave hits you
  • Processing happens differently for different emotions and people
  • Hitting a sofa with a pillow, having a temper tantrum on the floor when alone and ripping paper are great ways to release anger
  • Crying and journaling work well for pain, as do any types of artistic expression (collages, paintings, playing music)
  • Dancing and exercising are other excellent ways to move any energy through your body

  • Please don’t underestimate how valuable help of others is – a loving hug, friendly conversation are all excellent ways to receive support
  • Nature walks, hugging a tree, feeling sunrays on your skin, Epson salt bath time
  • Energy healing and Meditation are other excellent ways to balance out the emotions and connect deeper into yourself

  • Once the emotion moves through you and you’re in a more balanced state – try to figure out what were the unmet needs behind the emotion
  • Make a simple action plan on how to make changes in your life to allow yourself more of happiness and joy focusing on bringing love and healing to your inner child

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ZhenyaEvguenia Cheinis is an Energy Therapy Practitioner who graduated from the World's Premier Hands-on healing program.

With 4 years of extensive healing training and experience, avid interest in spirituality, human relationships, psychology and sexuality Evguenia is passionate about helping others live happy and essence-filled lives.