Artist Statement
I believe that Art is a physical representation of our energy, thoughts and feelings. The process of creation feels to me like that of weaving energy world with the physical one and exploring their correlation and differences.


I am fascinated with our world – both the physical representation of it as well as the visceral and etheric energy surrounding us. I see my art as part of Visionary / Energy art that transcends the physical worlds and portrays a wider visual awareness of spiritual or mystical themes.

Conceptually my paintings come from meditative and contemplative experiences I’ve had, people I come in deep contact with, relationship with this world and its reflection in me as a spark of the whole. I focus on themes drawn from Eastern spiritual teachings, psychological theories and philosophical wisdom.

Symbolically I explore concepts of one as a reflection of the other, universal interconnectedness, time as it relates to past, present and future, motherly/feminine energy as well as cosmic masculine. Concepts of love, death and reincarnation are also explored, as well as individual essence and life force that is woven into us and this world. I question why we come here, what our goals are and how do we become the best we can be.

Most of my paintings are autobiographical and represent different stages of my life and multiple reflections of the knowledge I receive from people and the world around me. Actual people’s portraits are often used to tell the stories of my life through the paintings. Many canvases use female body as a representation of beauty, sexuality, freedom of creative expression and the softer/intuitive power of femininity that is greatly needed in today’s world.

I work with mixed media that often includes the use of acrylic on canvas, colored pencils and pen drawings combining the expressive strokes with more defined graphical line work.

I paint intuitively and let the energy around me be my creative fuel. Often I feel like a force greater than me is painting through me, the images and strokes appear while I am embracing the dance with the creative source within and outside of me. I paint in an altered / meditative state of consciousness between full awareness and sleep; this is the state of meditative awareness where inspiration comes easily and naturally.

My hope is that the viewer would internally resonate with concepts in my paintings and would start questioning and possibly challenging their own concepts about the world around us, who we are and where we as individuals and humanity are going.

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