Evguenia's Biography and CV
Evguenia Cheinis's paintings are spiritual reflections
of higher concepts of love, oneness, staying in the moment and discovering who we are.


Evguenia Cheinis is a Russian-born Canadian-based artist and designer. From early childhood she has been fascinated with witnessing the outside world and drawing/painting what she experienced as its reflection. Evguenia studied Art and Design at one of the most prestigious Art Universities St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry A. L. Stieglitz.

In 1995 Evguenia immigrated to Canada and graduated from Sheridan College and York University joint Graphic Design program and now holds a B. Des. Honours.

As a successful graphic designer and artistic director of her own company, Multia Design, Cheinis specializes in clear visual communication through the use of composition, colors and visual information. Communication of intangible feelings into tangible paintings also purveys her artistic practice. Cheinis' emerging practice embraces both technical innovations and more mystical new age views on energetic relationships between objects.

Her highly individualistic art had been exhibited both in St. Petersburg and Toronto and is part of several private and public collections including:

  • December 2012, "We are Love" solo exhibition, North York Central Library, Toronto Ontario

  • January 1997, "Saint Petersburg's chronicles" solo exhibition, Bernard Bethel center of Jewish community, Toronto Ontario

  • May 1993 – 1995, "Group Exhibit" group exhibitions, St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry A. L. Stieglitz, St. Petersburg Russia

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