Healing Process

On your way to a fuller expression...


I believe that each person’s deepest longing is to feel the freedom to express their unique core essence, shine their beauty outward and become fulfilled, aligned and vibrant.

Throughout our lives, we go through experiences that make us doubt ourselves, we get conditioned to hide our inner brilliance under various masks which we mistakenly believe would bring us more acceptance and love.

We lose ourselves in the search of outer acceptance; numb ourselves working long hours, trying to achieve an image of perfection, reaching for a dream that may not even be ours. In the process of this forgetting, we create blocks in our energy system that lead to various imbalances that permeate into all of the levels of our being.

In this world of non-stop doing, my invitation to you is to get still…


Take a breath…


And come back to yourself.

I will accompany you in this transformational healing journey of self-empowerment and liberation. We will explore various areas of your life that may need support: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We may delve into such topics as exercise, nutrition, sexuality, relationships, spirituality, creative expression and more. Throughout these experiences, I will be honored to be your facilitator and a mirror.

Using various techniques I will charge and balance your energy field, release blocks, repair and restructure areas, charge and strengthen your Hara and help you align with your life purpose, expand your creative pulse and allow you to reconnect to and manifest your deepest longings into your life, effortlessly.

You may experience new internal realizations that result in positive change and growth. After a session, some have a deeper sense of self or a more comprehensive sense of wholeness.

Some clients become aware of previously hidden beliefs and attitudes which, once addressed, result in an improved relationship to the self and others. I will work with you to facilitate healing in whatever form it takes.


  • As a BHS Practitioner I respect your fundamental personal journey

  • As a healer, I maintain a level of integrity that serves the Highest Good in each session

  • My mission is to guide and support you in your sacred journey of transformation


As a BHS Practitioner, I am not trained as a medical doctor and I do not provide medical diagnosis. I am also not a licensed psychotherapist. I recommend that you continue any medical treatment that you may be currently receiving. Upon request, I would be happy to work as a part of your health team with your physician and/or other practitioners.

If you'd like to know how energy healing can benefit you – please Contact me for your free 15 minute no obligation phone consultation.

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