Below are healing services Evguenia offers, techniques are creatively combined and uniquely targeted towards each client’s particular needs and preferences.

Full Spectrum Healing and Chakra Reading is usually offered as the initial healing session as well as client’s favorite “Feel great!” experience when a tune up is needed.

The first session could be followed by any number of other healing services. To learn more about how energy healing sessions are conducted, please follow This link.

If you'd like to know how energy healing can benefit you – please Contact me for your free 15 minute no obligation phone consultation.

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Repairing, clearing, balancing & strengthening the Human Energy Field works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It promotes state of well-being, relaxation and balance. Please read of some of the Client's testimonials to learn about their healing experiences.

Chakras are main energy centers that intake various vibrational frequencies to enable our energy system to function. Chakra reading determines functioning of the chakras and explains their individual psychological function.


For anyone needing more focus on the physical plane, any of the following techniques or a combination thereof would aim at a better alignment on the physical level.

  • Cellular Healing – Infuses each cell with divine core essence
  • Surgery Support – Facilitates speed and quality of surgical recovery
  • Organ Restructuring & Balancing – Restores an organ's energetic structure for better functioning
  • Spine Cleaning – Balances and cleares stagnated energy around the back/neck area
  • Psychic Surgery – Focuses on an area of a body that needs restructuring and support
  • Lines of Light Reconnection – Allows for a possibliity to heal injuries


There is an array of techniques to achieve better emotional balance. Some of these include:

  • Emotional Clouds removal – clearing of painful feelings, supporting balanced emotional state
  • Energy Cleansing and Charge – removing unhealthy energy & blocks
  • Emotional Level Healing – balancing and working on emotional level of human energy field
  • Chakra Healing and Restructuring – clearing and restructuring energy centers


Often our relationship patterns could be worked on through the relational energy field. Learning more about the reoccurring issues and working on dysfunctional patterns energetically may beneficially affect existing relationships (with oneself and others). The following are some of the techniques Evguenia could use to bring more focus on balancing out relationships in one's life:

  • Past Life Regression – discovering recurring issues & relationship patterns
  • Relational Level Clearing – balancing and working on relational level of human energy field
  • Relational Cord Healing – working on specific relational ties and healthier connections


Many of us feel overwhelmed by the amount of information we need to process, our minds have hard time focusing and quieting down. Below are a few techniques Evguenia uses to allow for mental clarity and relaxation.

  • Brain Balancing – quieting down the mind, opening up to the deeper wisdom
  • Mental Level Healing – balancing and working on mental level of human energy field
  • Meditation Guidance – teaching to access and receive inner guidance, quiet the mind
  • Belief questioning – looking at some of the outdated belief systems you may hold in your energy field


Aligned level of intention (yet another dimension of our energetic configuration) helps one manifest their dreams and embody their passions. Often, we struggle not understanding why certain things are just outside of our reach regardless of how much we’d like to manifest them. Some of the techniques Evguenia uses to help one align with quicker goal manifestations are:

  • Hara healing – aligning the level of intention focusing on specific goals
  • Goal setting – teaching to align one’s own hara (level of intention)
  • Split Intention questioning – looking at hidden/opposing intentions one might have


For over 20 years Evguenia has been working with bringing out unique business’ visual essences to life. These treatments is based on the combination of knowledge of corporate strategic training and branding along with  intention alignment techniques. The following are a few services helpful in business essence distillation and goal achievement:

  • Strategic Brand Essence Creation – bringing the brand alive by carefully distilling it’s essence
  • Visual Essence Creation – revealing it’s beauty and function through high end design approach
  • Intention setting – teaching to align one’s own hara (level of intention)
  • Group Hara setting – teaching about group Hara


Beyond the personality, the body, time and space lays our True Divine Self that always was and always will be. Accessing this core star dimension could help you reconnect with your inner light.

  • Core essence healing – infusing and lifting one's essence to feel the higher consciousness
  • Cellular Healing – filling each cell with divine core essence
  • Core qualities reflection – mirroring one's core qualities in their full magnificence
  • Creativity Exploration – guiding one in creative expressions of your inner gifts


Some of us feel disconnected from the source – whatever it me be for different people – the nature, higher consciousness, universal energy... Others feel the faint connection and would love to sense more into it. The following techniques could be helpful in accessing the space of receiving divine guidance.

  • Divine Levels Focus – clearing any blocks one might have in relation to the divine/spirituality
  • Spiritual Levels Clearing – balancing and working on spiritual levels of human energy field
  • Core essence infusion – infusing and lifting one's essence to feel the higher consciousness within
  • Chakra Healing and Restructuring – clearing and restructuring energy centers


Human life force that is connected to our sexual/sensual energy centers is one of the most vital and powerful ways to connect to our own sexual expression, creativity as well as a partner’s sacred life force. Charged, open and aligned expression of sexual/sensual energy brings limitless pleasure, deeper connection, stronger expression of one’s essence. Evguenia uses a few powerful techniques that enhance and deepen sexual pleasure and connection for individuals and couples:

  • Sexual Energy Cleansing and Charge – removing unhealthy energy & blocks
  • Relational Level Clearing – balancing and working on relational level of human energy field
  • Relational Cord Connection – bringing partners’ chakras into a relational alignment
  • Personal/Relational sensual exploration guidance
  • Group Hara setting – teaching about couple’s intention setting