Healing Sessions

What to expect during a session

  • Prior to a first session, clients are asked to fill out an intake form which focuses on physical health, emotional balance and psychological and spiritual wellbeing

  • During our first session we will review your physical and emotional history so I know what your goals are and where you have come from

  • I will give you some background information about energy healing and go over the healing process with you

  • We will proceed to the massage table and you will lie down fully clothed

  • I will do an assessment of your chakras and will let you know what psychological meaning each of them holds

  • I will then lightly place my hands on your joints and main energy centers – most clients find this very relaxing

  • I will balance, clear and charge your energy field

  • I may practice different techniques with we will discuss in advance

  • Your experience during the healing is completely unique. You may feel a sense of deep relaxation and calm and most likely be in a trans state. Some people receive visual guidance, while others drift off to sleep. Sometimes, as the blocks and old traumas get cleared away, one may also experience strong emotions

  • Once the healing is complete, I will let you rest and integrate. After a few quiet minutes, we may briefly reflect back on the healing



Sometimes it is not practical or even possible to receive a session in person. Evguenia is happy to work with you long-distance in the convenience of your own home.

  • Based on the quantum physics concept of “entanglement”, the energy frequency that is held by the healer can reach the client and create a state of healing through a focused and intentional connection.

  • Energy healing is a combination of vibrational frequency, focused contact and intention. Distance healing works exactly the same way as in-person one, except for there’s no physical contact between the client and the healer.

  • We will connect via skype to review your physical and emotional history

  • You proceed to lay down or stay seated and relax into the safety of your own living space

  • I then energetically connect to your body and bring you into the healing space. I work with you as if you were physically present (please see the complete description of in-person healing session above).


Single Session

A single session format is a good way to sample an Energy healing session. Usually the initial session includes a review your physical and emotional history so I know what your goals are and where you have come from. Sessions typically last around 1 hour, initial client intake session may take around 1 and a half hours.

Please see the Services section for descriptions of various techniques Evguenia uses; and check out What to expect from a session (to the left) if you'd like to learn more about what happens during a typical session.


Fee for a single one hour session is $90. Sliding scale is available for clients with financial limitations.

Three Dimensions Session Series

Integrating three or more sessions work as an ideal introduction to Energy healing work. Multiple sessions have cumulative effect as energetic blocks get released, followed by infusing core essence and intention alignment covering three different dimensions of Human Energy Field.

Evguenia recommends working with Chakra Reading and Full Spectrum Healing, Intention Manifestation and Core Star Brilliance to get a great head start on balancing, charging and aligning your system.

Fee for three 1h sessions is $260 (5% off the regular rate).


Great Six Session Series

To deepen your healing process, Evguenia recommends to build a momentum by scheduling 6 healing sessions – consecutively working on various aspects of your system.

6 sessions done a week apart bring the best results as they allow you to increasingly deepen your contact with yourself and deliver more benefit by building on the progress of each of the previous sessions.

Fee for six 1h sessions is $485 (10% off the regular rate).


Amazing Value 12 Monthly Session Series

For on-going well-being and energetic balance, continuing personal growth and amazing value feel good option, 12 x 1h sessions could be spaced out on monthly basis to keep your body, mind, heart and spirit in balance all year round. The package could also be used for longer lasting sessions closer apart to achieve a specific personal growth, health-related goal.

Could be used from the convenience of your home, travel destination or out on the beach (long distance, over the phone or skype).


Fee for twelve 1h sessions is $810 ($67.50 per session, 25% off the regular rate – $270 in savings)



If you'd like to know how energy healing can benefit you – please Contact me for your free 15 minute no obligation phone consultation.

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